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Sustainable Ecotourism Directory of Lodges and Tours

Turneffe Flats-Belize
Chepu Adventures EcoLodge-Chile
Los Chonchos Beach-Mexico
Une Campagne en Provence-France
Ojo Del Mar-Costa Rica
Kosrae Village-Micronesia
FaaSai Resort and Spa-Thailand
Mambo ViewPoint Ecolodge-Tanzania
Tubagua Plantation Eco Lodge - Dominican Republic

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We pride ourselves on our Online Eco Rating. We developed it in order to show just how sustainable a lodge is. It is based on a 1 to 5 rating system, where 5 is the best. Anything above a 2 is a good solid score that shows a lodge is concerned with sustainability.

Our Sustainable Ecotourism Directory of Lodges and Tours guarantees that any lodge or tour you choose from our directory is on the right path towards sustainability. There is a lot of “greenwashing”, pretending to be sustainable when they really aren’t, going on. We are trying to counteract this. One way is our online eco rating but we also look at a lodges or tours practices. It’s not enough for a hotel/tour to say they are, we look deeper before we will list them on our directory.